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    Embarking on a group adventure is an exhilarating prospect, and while planning the trip itself comes with its set of challenges, this article will guide you through the often-overlooked aspect – how to book a group trip. If you're already set on your destination and eager to dive into the booking process, this guide is
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    There are over 54,000 hotels in the US, and less than two percent of them are Black-owned. Not that we had forgotten but, last year, our country abruptly reminded us of how deeply we are divided. We had
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    We have compiled a list of 5 Black-owned travel companies that you should know about. Black Americans are expanding their horizons year over year, spending more than $65 billion on travel annually. Yet national travel companies still do
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    Use the Right Search Tool Google Flights is Black Travel Lounge's favorite flight search engine to find cheap flights. Similar to Google's main search page, this is a very power search engine however it just for flights. Once you
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    Stay up-to-date on airline products, new hotel opening and other travel news.

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