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The Copper Door B&B Owners Jamila Ross and Akino West

5 Black-Owned Bed & Breakfasts to Stay at This Summer

Bed & Breakfasts are ideal for those who want a more personalized travel experience. Check out these 5 Black-owned Bed & Breakfasts that will offer you a pleasant stay while intentionally shopping black. For more Black-owned accommodations, check out our article with 10 Black-Owned Hotels & Inns to visit in the US.

The Oak Bluffs Inn at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Oak Bluffs Inn image

Nestled between Martha’s Vineyard’s lush green fields and the endless blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean lays a small, pretty town that has preserved the spirit of America throughout centuries. In its very heart, you will find a lovely house, as if frozen in time. From the first moment you gaze upon it, you will want to photograph it, explore it and even sleep in it. Fortunately for you, this is entirely possible.

Oak Bluffs Inn is a luxury family boutique hotel owned by Rhonda and Eric Albert. They both grew up and live on the island, and, as they put it, they live and breathe Marta’s Vineyard. This fact is a real treasure for anyone who loves getting to know the spirit and culture of the places they visit. With the Oak Bluffs secrets that Rhonda and Eric will share with you, your vacation will inevitably be memorable.

The hotel has ten beautiful and cozy rooms, each decorated with exceptional taste. You will feel right at home as soon as you check-in.

Thanks to its location in the center of the town, Oak Bluffs Inn is within walking distance of almost anything you might need. The beach and the adjacent Ocean Park are just a 5-minute walk away. So are the marina and the ferry that most likely brought you to the island. In the charming town, you can find dozens of restaurants to satisfy every whim and taste.

Oak Bluffs Inn is a must for the ones who love old architecture and a relaxing holiday in a cultural and sophisticated environment.

La Maison Midtown at Houston, Texas

Black Owned Houston Hotel

When you dream of an unforgettable vacation, most likely Houston, Texas, is not the first place that comes to mind. Let’s be honest. This otherwise beautiful city is hardly in the top 100 of your planned destinations. A small, pretty hotel that seems to have stolen a piece of Europe and taken it to the heart of Space City can completely change that and make you come back to the city again and again, just so you can spend another night in the coziness and luxury it offers.

La Maison Midtown is probably the best urban bed and breakfast you will find in the whole of Texas and maybe even the USA as a whole. Charming, relaxing, and fascinating, everything in this hotel is designed to pleasure to the point you wouldn’t want to leave.  

La Maison Midtown offers seven spacious and luxurious guest rooms, each one more beautiful than the last. The complimentary breakfast with a dazzling Southern flare will make you want to stay forever. The freedom to use the living room, dining area, and sumptuous parlor will amplify this feeling until you finally give up and offer to buy the house. Unfortunately, this won’t happen, but you are always welcomed with a huge smile to return for a city tour. Who knows, this time you may even leave the house.

And Huston is definitely not as boring as you think it is. Take a stroll around the Theater District, located just a stones-throw away, or visit the NASA Space Center. Have a relaxing afternoon in the Discovery Garden and afterward look around the historic Freedmen’s Town. There are thousands of shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs and all sorts of amusements just open the Internet and take your pick. 

Soon after your third or fourth time in La Maison Midtown, you will notice that Space City has not just entered your Top 100 destination but is among your best experiences yet. 

The Copper Door B&B at Miami, Florida

The Copper Door B&B

Is there a better place to relax than Miami, especially when the rest of the country is cold, rainy, and generally unpleasant? The sunshine state can offer a lot of fun, and Miami is undoubtedly a city where the famous southern hospitality is the norm. The Copper Door B&B is a wonderful proof of that.

The cozy hotel in the heart of Overtown offers the perfect opportunity to explore this most historic part of Miami by foot. It has 22 spacious rooms, each decorated with incomparable taste, as well as three suites.

Nearby you can find excellent restaurants, many shops or you can just take a walk along the Miami River. But let’s be honest. You haven’t come to Miami to walk the streets. You came to take advantage of the generous sun and receive an elegant tan that your colleagues will envy when you’re back. The Copper Door B&B is just 6 miles from world-famous Miami Beach. It would take about half an hour to get there by car, while if you use public transport, you’ll ride for 40 minutes.

Miami is a truly cosmopolitan city that has something to offer everyone. That’s why visiting The Copper Door B&B is ideal for all kinds of different people.

Six Acres Bed & Breakfast at Cincinnati, Ohio

Suppose you ever drive along Hamilton Avenue to reach the downtown area of the not-particularly-eventful city of Cincinnati. On the left, nestled among the dense greenery of the LaBoiteaux Woods Nature Center’s forests, you will see one of the most beautiful houses in the whole USA. The nineteenth-century building is a magnet both for architectural buffs and history nerds alike. This is the Six Acres Bed & Breakfast Inn, a boutique family-owned hotel that preserves the Underground Railroad’s living history. 

The house was built in the 1850s by the famous abolitionist Zebulon Strong. It was one of the major “Stations” along the Underground Railroad for black people who escaped slavery from neighboring Kentucky. Being just 6.5 miles away from the mighty Ohio River, which separates the slave state of Kentucky from the free state of Ohio, the Six Acres house was usually the first stop for run-away slaves in their treacherous journey to Canada. Naturally, the home that is now a hotel is full of stories, mysteries and some even claim there are undiscovered secret rooms in which run-away slaves were hiding. 

Now the house is owned by Kristen Kitchen – a proud African-American woman who strives to give back as much as possible to the black community. By repurposing old buildings in historically black neighborhoods into hotels and cultural centers, Kitchen uplifts the whole community and gives them the opportunity of honest work. 

The Inn offers five bedrooms, each one with unique history and decoration. The rooms are preserved as they were when the house was making history, with only minor changes to make your stay more comfortable (indoor plumbing and electricity, for example) 

If you live and breathe history and you want to be a part of it, Six Acres B&B is the perfect place for you. 

Akwaaba Mansion at Brooklyn, New York

Akwaaba Mansion

Is there a better place in the world to experience the true glamour, raw culture, and unrefined symphony of the big city than in New York? The Big Apple’s home to some of the most significant cultural phenomenons in the world, as well as the most famous theatre street of all – Broadway. Not more than 20 minutes away from this global cultural hub lays the historic Brooklyn neighborhood, which, although famous for its inconsiderate taxi drivers and specific manners, during the last decade cultivated itself to become a hype new cultural hub filled with classy restaurants, posh cafes and some of the best inns in the whole of New York. There is no better place to stay if you want to experience everything the Big Apple has to offer.

By far the most charming guesthouse around, Akwaaba Mansion is a combination of luxury, finesse, and impeccable taste. The 1860’s Italianate villa is owned by the lovely Glenn and Monique – a mixed-racial couple that embodies Brooklyn’s spirit. The family bought and restored the landmark building. Although they upgraded the villa to become as comfortable and cozy as a hotel can be, Glenn and Monique preserved the house’s historical look and unique interior. 

Akwaaba Mansion offers four extremely spacious suites, each one impressively decorated to the point where you feel like you are staying at a museum. The close proximity of Manhattan makes it the perfect base for exploring the island. Simultaneously, the boutique hotel is situated in the middle of the most historical part of New York, which allows you to experience the spirit of The Big Apple even on foot. The charming restaurants and breathtaking picturesque streets are a guarantee that this vacation will not be soon forgotten.