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Five Black-Owned Travel Companies Worth Your Attention

We have compiled a list of 5 Black-owned travel companies that you should know about. Black Americans are expanding their horizons year over year, spending more than $65 billion on travel annually. Yet national travel companies still do not create itineraries that cater to the Black traveler. Yes, I know that we are not a monolith, but experiences that speak to our overall culture are often ignored.

Luckily, today there is a Black travel movement that has made international travel not only readily available but also incredibly affordable for African Americans and other passionate travelers. Through established liaisons and offices all over the world, various Black-owned travel companies have made it possible for people of color to travel and experience different parts of the world. Read more below about 5 of these companies that create experiences that speak to our tastes.

Here are the 5 Black-Owned Travel Companies

#1 – Black Travel Lounge

In 2018, the travel realm welcomed a game-changer—Black Travel Lounge—founded by Bruce Powell, a passionate Travel Enthusiast and Entrepreneur. Boasting personal exploration of over 70 countries and a wealth of experience as a Travel Advisor, Bruce leads a dynamic team dedicated to supplying the Black American community with cutting-edge resources for all things travel.

Black Travel Lounge, is launching their own Small Groups Tours starting in 2024. Their focus extends beyond wanderlust; it’s about curating exceptional small-group experiences marked by inclusivity and safety for ALL black travelers. Choosing luxury as a standard, the company opts for 4 & 5-star accommodations in every destination. From welcome and farewell dinners fostering connections to engaging, exploring, and learning throughout their tours, Black Travel Lounge strikes a balance between sophistication and enjoyment.

Tailored for the modern traveler seeking extraordinary experiences, their itineraries, available on their website, provide day-by-day details and inclusions for a sneak peek into the magic that awaits. Their fair pricing and flexible payment options allow you to turn your dream bucket list trip into a stress-free reality.

#2 – Nomadness Tribe

Nomadness Tribe

Nomadness Tribe is one of the founding companies of the black travel movement. The black owned travel company was the brainchild of Evita “Evie” Turquoise Robinson, an African-American woman whose passion for travel and exploration has inspired thousands of other people of color to venture abroad.

Started in 2011 as a YouTube web series, the group has grown to more than 15,000 members and a collective total of over 100,000 travel stamps. Nomadness unites like-minded individuals seeking alternatives to mainstream travel. Evie’s dream has become such a success that tickets to Nomadness trips sell out in less than 5 minutes. Way to go, Evie!

#3 –Travel Divas

The Travel Divas Black Owned Travel Company

Travel Divas is an award-winning, premier travel company that redefines group travel management. Since its establishment in 2007, Travel Divas has pioneered a unique concept in the travel industry by creating and hosting its own travel events around the world. Unlike traditional travel companies, Travel Divas curates over 100 travel events annually, offering a diverse range of domestic and international experiences for its community of travelers.

Founder Shanterria Earley’s vision for Travel Divas was born out of a desire to provide unforgettable, luxurious travel experiences. Despite initial challenges and setbacks, Shanterria remained resilient, determined to make her dream a reality. In the early years, she faced difficulties selling out trips and encountered reluctance from established travel industry professionals to support her venture.

However, Shanterria’s perseverance paid off, and Travel Divas eventually became the success she had envisioned. Today, Travel Divas consistently sells out its domestic and international trips, thanks to Shanterria’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the travel industry.

#4 – Black Girls Travel Too

Black Girls Travel Too

Yet another black-owned travel company, Black Girls Travel Too, is a travel company that helps facilitate travel for women. Founded in 2015 by Dianelle Rivers-Mitchell as an Instagram account it has now expanded into a travel company that offers various group travel experiences.

Black Girls Travel Too are intentional in their efforts to create a sisterhood in their journies. Per their website, Black Girls Travel Too curates travel experiences with the intent on stretching, growing, and enriching women through travel. They create a sisterhood on their journeys and many travelers become lifelong friends and repeat clients.

#5 – Up in The Air Life

Up In The Air Life Black Travel Group

Up In The Air Life, is a trailblazer in the world of black travel groups. Founded by the visionary Claire B. Soares, a Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist, this luxury travel company transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending the art of connections with unparalleled travel experiences.

Crafting memories, milestones, and magic, Up In The Air Life goes beyond traditional travel offerings. International trips and carefully curated meetups form the core of their mission, inspiring, connecting, and fostering growth within a global community. Claire, the mastermind behind this black-owned travel group, is not just a luxury travel planner – she’s a true luminary with a passport stamped across 6 continents and 64+ countries. Up In The Air Life isn’t merely a service; it’s a lifestyle, an invitation to elevate your travel experiences with style, purpose, and a touch of black brilliance. Join the movement, embrace the magic, and let Up In The Air Life redefine what it means to explore the world. Your adventure awaits!