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Top 5 Miami Hotels That Won’t Break the Bank

There is an old Chinese curse that reads, “I hope you live in interesting times.” Sounds abstract and unthreatening, but when you come to think of it, the most exciting times are always the most uncertain. And, oh boy, do we live in interesting times. A global Pandemic, the Great Powers are flexing muscles at each other, terrorist threat in every country. All that’s missing is an alien invasion. What an excitement, what a thrill, and quite frankly, what a horror. 

Even though we live in uncertainty, it doesn’t mean you should postpone all your vacation time and work till you drop. Of course not! All you need to do is to look for the best deals. Also, it’s best to stick to the good ol’ US of A, since… well… the Corona and all. Yep, we know, far too many rules to follow just to get your reservations. Luckily for you, we are here to help. There is no better place in the US to get some relaxation, luxury, and tropical vibes than the Sunshine state. That’s why we offer you the best 5 Miami Hotels that won’t shake your financial foundations in these uncertain times. 

Hotel Breakwater

hotel breakwater

Hidden in the most vivid part of Miami – South Beach, Breakwater hotel is truly a special place. It’s situated right on the famous Ocean Drive, a stone’s throw away from the renowned golden sands of South Beach. The hotel is nestled between picturesque buildings on both sides, which comes as no surprise since it’s in the Art Deco Historic District. The Lummus Park, right across the street, gives an awesome tropical vibe to this hotel, although it’s in the most vibrant part of the US party capital. 

Each room is spacious and equipped to the highest modern standards. The design of your accommodation will instantly captivate you and ease your stress. If you are lucky enough to book one of the few rooms with an ocean view, you will witness the glory of the Atlantic. As a hotel guest, you will get free wifi, free international calls, a coffee machine, a 42″ LCD TV, a complimentary bike to explore the area, and much more. 

When it comes to satisfying your taste buds, you have a variety of restaurants to choose from. Our top suggestion, though, is to try out Havana 1957, which is located in the hotel. The genuine Cuban cuisine will take you on a fantastic journey, induced with Caribbean flavors. 

The one thing that all the guests of this hotel agree on is how excellent the staff is. Breakwater hotel has the friendliest, most dedicated employees that will go above and beyond to make your stay unparalleled. 

Royal Palm

royal palm

If you are used to having your vacations on a friendly, luxurious resort, right on the edge of the beach, then Royal Palm at South Beach Miami is the perfect place for you. Located right on the world-famous South Beach, overlooking the vast and majestic Atlantic Ocean, Royal Palm is a dream come true in these troublesome times. Hidden beneath the thick shadows of dozens of palm trees, you will feel as if stranded on a lonely island, even though the bustling Collins Ave. is several feet away, and the vibrant Ocean Drive with its picturesque buildings and tempting coffee shops is just a short walk from your room. 

Royal Palm offers some of the most luxurious accommodations you can find at a decent price. Everything in the 393 guest rooms screams comfort. The colorful Art Deco design pays homage to South Beach’s spirit, while the furniture and amenities make you feel right at home. 

The best part of Royal Palm undoubtedly is its location. The beach is just a few steps from your room. You can spend countless hours getting tan or swimming in the vast Atlantic ocean. Or you can just have a pleasant evening stroll down the Ocean Walk and enjoy the fabulous view.

Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, South Beach


Strolling down the famous Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami, hiding from the scorching summer sun beneath the towering Palm Trees of Lummus Park, you will see an elegant, picturesque, and eye-catching old-time building with a prohibition-era vibe and a clock just beneath the rooftop. This gem in the already breathtaking district along the renowned South Beach is where the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse can be found. 

The hotel is one of the most iconic buildings along the historic Ocean Drive. It’s the perfect mix between luxury, comfort, culture, party, and leisure. The accommodations and common areas scream luxury, while the neat design that has encaptured the magnificent spirit of this most vibrant Miami district speaks of unmatched comfort. By day, Marriott Vacation Club Pulse’s area is a cultural hotspot, with artists, musicians, galleries, and art around every corner. At night they subside and make place for thunderous parties that promise good times you won’t forget soon. The proximity to the beach, on the other hand, gives you both a romantic setting to wait for the sunrise with your loved one and a place to catch some well-deserved sunrays. 

Marriott Vacation Club Pulse is truly a place that can satisfy any need. 

Mondrian South Beach, Miami


Just a stone’s throw away from the very soul of Miami lays a resort that will bring you back memories of that unforgettable luxurious Caribbean vacation you’re still reminiscing about. Yes, at Mondrian, you can have the comfort of being in the US with all its perks while having the opportunity to touch crystal waters, as if you are in Jamaica, have an unparalleled luxurious experience as if you are in Martinique, and the tropical vibe as if you are in St. Lucia. 

The accommodations are spacious and with a modern design. They have everything you might need for your perfect vacation. If you are lucky enough and have an Ocean View, you can watch the breathtaking sunset over Miami Harbor and the city’s blazing skyline. 

Being just a few blocks away from everything South Beach can offer, Mondrian is the perfect base to explore this gem of America’s southern culture. When you get tired of the city’s hustle and bustle, you can enjoy some peace and quiet in the shades of Flamingo Park or fancy a relaxing day at the world-famous South Beach situated less than a mile away.

If you want to feel like you are in a top-rated Caribbean resort, yet you don’t want to gamble in these uncertain times, Mondrian South Beach, Miami is definitely your place. 

The Beacon


This charming hotel’s name says it all. It’s a beacon for those who seek relaxation, adventure, and class. It’s a beacon for those who love culture, southern hospitality, and a truly fascinating experience. The hotel is situated on the historic Ocean Drive. Along with the neighboring properties, it creates the spirit of this artsiest of districts in the whole of Florida. The picturesque building, with the coquettish small restaurant in front, makes this hotel an indispensable part of this cultural hub.

The boutique rooms are everything you can imagine such a gorgeous building will provide and more. The Art Deco decor is a must in every room, which suites the eye as much as the ocean view suites the soul. 

Being at the heart of the Art Deco Historic District, there are tons of stuff you can do. Every street is trembling with life. Coy little shops, fascinating galleries, and delicious food. That’s what a vacation should be all about. And a world-class beach, of course. Having the renowned South Beach on your doorstep is certainly a perk not many American hotels can offer, and you should take advantage. 

There is not much to think about. Pack your towel and flip-flops, leave your passport at home, and have the perfect vacation without worrying about how you’d get back or how much you will spend. We are ready to make this even easier. Just contact us, and we will take care of everything.