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Top 6 Family-Friendly All-Inclusive Hotels in Jamaica

There is nothing more important than family. It brings hope in difficult times. It is a catalyst for your happiness and the embodiment of your success. Your love for your partner and your children is immeasurable, and you want to give them the best.

There is no reason for your devotion to your family to end whenever it’s time for a vacation. Your family, which makes you so happy, deserves its exotic, luxurious, and adventurous holiday. What better place to take them than stunning Jamaica, along with its fascinating culture, jaw-dropping views, and unique atmosphere. We know how difficult it is to research and organize the perfect vacation, and we know that your family deserves it. That’s why we have gathered some information for the six most family-friendly all-Inclusive hotels in Jamaica so that you can focus on connecting with your family while relaxing in the utmost luxury hotels.

Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort


On the azure north coast of emerald Jamaica, near the world-famous Montego Bay, as if sprung from the beach’s golden sands, lays this gem of a holiday resort. Jewel Grande, Montego Bay Resort, is the perfect place to escape from all your problems with your family. This is a place where the only reason to raise your finger is to order another cocktail to share with your loved one.

Jewel Grande combines typical Jamaican Caribbean hospitality and culture with the class and luxury you are used to and demand.

Accommodations are divided into three buildings. Each of the rooms, apartments, and villas offers tempting amenities and a wide range of gadgets to make your stay unforgettable.

When your stomach roars with hunger, and you want to enjoy the tempting dishes of the best Jamaican chefs, do not hesitate to visit one of the complex’s twelve excellent restaurants. Each of them specializes in different cuisines that will make even the most fastidious to lick their fingers with delight.

Of course, rest is not just sleeping and eating (although it can be). Jewel Grande offers entertainment for the whole family, as well as individually and for all ages. Let your children have fun at the kids’ club or make new lifelong friends in Teen Lounge while you indulge in water sports, sunbathing, or a relaxing day at the spa.

Jewel Grande is the perfect place to pamper yourself and your family without having to leave the hotel for a minute.

Beaches Negril


Nestled between the turquoise Caribbean Sea and Jamaica’s lush green tropical forests right in the middle of the famous 7-mile beach in Negril, this resort is one of the funniest places your family will ever visit. At Beaches Negril, the party for young and old never stops.

The ultra-luxury complex stretches along the beach, which is literally as far as your eyes can see. It is no coincidence that each of the entertainment in Beaches Negril is located on the sand, which allows you to forget that you own shoes. This toes-in-the-sand experience will make you quickly forget about stress and work and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Each of the rooms has a unique view, and only you can choose whether it is to the ocean or the magnetic tropical forests behind the resort. If you still can’t decide, just take a 50/50 view of the ocean and forest. Each of the rooms is exquisitely decorated and will make you feel like royalty.

When it comes time to eat, enjoy the impressive culinary festival that the nine restaurants in the resort offers.

If, for some inexplicable reason, you get tired of the endless white beach bathing in the sapphire waters of the Caribbean Sea, relax in Long Bay Beach Park, a stone’s throw away, or enjoy one of the many attractions that Beaches Negril has to offer.

If your idea of ​​a good time is not to take your feet out of the sand and literally live on the beach, this is the place for you.

Moon Palace

moon palace

You love luxury, and you want to share it with your family. However, sitting in your all-inclusive ultra-comfortable resort, having all your needs taken care of even before you’ve asked for assistance doesn’t quite do it for you. You need some thrills with your vacation. If that’s you, then Moon Palace is your place to be. 

Moon Palace is a unique mix of unwavering class, uncompromising luxury on the one hand, and the rhythmic beat of reggae and Jamaican adventures’ fiery soul. While its accommodations scream of refined taste with their stylish yet comfortable setting, the dining presents a chaotic yet masterful mix of flavors from around the globe, all cooked with traditional Caribbean spices and local products—a genuine parade of tastes for your mouth. 

The best thing about this place, though, is its location. Huddled in the heart of Ocho Rio, Moon Palace is a perfect base for exploring Jamaica’s unique and captivating culture. Being close to Dolphin Cove allows you to meet with the most intelligent mammals. The Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventure, which is just a stone’s throw away, is an experience you will hardly forget, while the picturesque Dunns River falls and the beach nearby will give you treasured family memories. 

If you are looking for a place where you can experience more than just an ultra-luxurious vacation with your family, Moon Palace should definitely be on your radar. 

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall


Having your family vacation in Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall is not just an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It’s also a cultural, historical, and exotic retreat both young and old can enjoy. 

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall is the ultimate destination if you are bringing along kids. The fun activities in the resort are endless. Snorkeling, beach volleyball, water sports, and many others will keep your kid occupied while you have the time of your life. Simultaneously, the special daily activities, ranging from dance lessons to cooking classes, are something the whole family can enjoy together. You can even challenge other families at various games and prove you are the better team. 

Your children will love the KidZ Club and all the music and entertainment on its grounds while you relax with a cold drink with your toes buried in the golden sands, and the sapphire ocean is making you a serenade. 

All the 277 rooms and suites are also designed to accommodate family needs and are spacious enough so you won’t get in each other’s ways (or on each other’s nerves). 

If you have the tradition of dining together with your whole family, yet you have different food preferences, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall is one step ahead. With its 13 restaurants and bars, there is truly not a taste that can’t be satisfied. 

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall is hands down the best place you can go with your small children and still manage to get the complete relaxation you deserve. 

Azul Beach Resort


You are looking for an exotic adventure that will leave your whole family with treasured memories for the rest of your lives. Struggling through the Covid crisis, you feel your family deserves such a treat, and you are absolutely right. Yet you need to find a place that will fit within your tighter budget without pushing you into credit debt in these uncertain times. Sounds undoable, but not to us. We know just the place. 

Azul Beach Resort is located on the gorgeous western shore of the tropical paradise Jamaica in the northern part of the famous 7-mile beach. The white sands that softly and gently submerge into the turquoise Caribbean Sea are simply breathtaking, and no picture can give justice to such mind-blowing beauty. Azul Beach Resort is the ultimate family exotic experience combining Karisma’s trademark ultra-luxury with the captivating Caribbean vibes. 

The hotel offers 16 outstandingly spacious and practically furnished rooms that will surpass all your expectations. The prices are more than affordable and small children are even accommodated for free. Despite this, all rooms have a breathtaking ocean view, which will greet you every day with a warm wavy “Good morning.”

Having the time of your life is impossible on an empty stomach, and Azul Beach Resort has the yummiest solution. Each of the six restaurants will make sure all your taste buds feel just as euphoric as you do. At the same time, the resort’s exquisite bars will be in charge of never seeing you completely sober or without a glass in your hand. 

Azul Beach Resort is undoubtedly the best present you can give your family after the past year full of hardships. If you are looking for a place that doesn’t know how to tune-down on the luxury but at the same time won’t dig a hole in your wallet, Azul Beach Resort should be on the top of your list. 

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